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Alabama Child Day Care Centers – Hazard Prevention – Responsibilities of Facility

By Scott Soutullo, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Alabama, child day care centers have a duty to provide children with a safe physical environment as to prevent personal injuries and wrongful death of children in the day care setting. Pursuant to Minimum Standards for Day Care Centers Regulations and Procedures, State of Alabama, Department of Human Resources, facilities have duties and responsibilities as follows:

*Keep the child day care center free from hazardous conditions;

*Keep substances that are flammable, poisonous or otherwise hazardous under lock and key and keep these materials clearly labeled;

*Keep firearms and ammunition out of the facility (exception for law enforcement);

*Equip all stairways with handrails within a child’s reach;

*Put safety stickers or other clear markings on sliding glass doors at the child’s level;

*Keep medications and drugs under lock / key and keep these items separated from toxic or other harmful chemicals;

*Erect and maintain barriers around radiators, heaters and fans that can be accessed by the children;

*Place and maintain protective coverings over exposed electrical outlets;

*Keep alcoholic beverages, non-prescription narcotics and illegal substances out of the child day care center; and

*Keep smoking and tobacco products off of the day care center premises.

These regulations promote the safety, health, and welfare of children. It is important for every Alabama day care center owner, administrator and employee to know and follow these regulations and procedures as well as the other rules and regulations set forth in the Minimum Standards for Child Day Care Centers. You can read more about these regulations / procedures and others at Minimum Standards for Alabama Child Day Care Centers – Department of Human Resources -Regulations and Regulations.

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