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Alertness and a Quick Check Around a Car Can Save the Life of a Child

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Idaho and other States, driveways can be a very dangerous place for children. Driveway incidents or accidents causing injuries to children are so dangerous that there is a designation or name for these type of accidents. These accidents are frequently referred to as backover or frontover accidents or injuries. Safe Kids is a non profit organization with offices and affiliates all over the United States. Safe Kids and other child advocacy and safety groups urge parents and drivers to take a few moments to when entering or exiting a driveway to look out for children and to make sure that all children are cleared away from the driveway area. A good article was recently posted at the Idaho Statesman about the problem and dangers of backover and frontover driveway accidents. Read the article, pay attention, and watch out for children.

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