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Are Drop Off Day Care Centers at Gyms and Stores Regulated in the State of Arizona? What Are the Legal Rights of Injured Children?

By Sara Powell, Attorney & David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Arizona, drop off day care centers at gyms and stores are not regulated in the same manner as traditional day care centers. Because of the lack of oversight, State mandated policies and procedures, or other formalities regarding care and supervision, there may be some risks and dangers associated with the day care provided at drop off points at stores and day care centers. While there may not be any formal regulations, day care centers at gyms and stores still have a duty to provide reasonable and necessary care and supervision to children at the facility. While there may not be specific regulations or Staff to Child ratios, the day care and child care providers still must act reasonably and in the best interest of the child. If a child is injured while under the supervision of a drop off day care or child care center, then the parents may be able to pursue a claim or case on behalf of the injured child. There must be a showing of negligence or fault for the injuries suffered by the child enrolled or placed in the drop off day care center.

Because drop of day care centers in gyms are not heavily regulated, parents should closely inspect the area and ask questions as to staffing and supervision provided at the facility. Yes, the provision of child care while a person works out can be very convenient but the services should only be used if it is clear that the area is clean, well staffed, and consistently supervised.

The Republic (Arizona Newspaper and Website) recently reported on the potential problems and issues with unregulated drop off day care centers in gyms and stores. You can read more about this issue at Gym Child Care Is Not Regulated by the State of Arizona.

When a child suffers an injury at a day care center (whether subject to State of Arizona regulations or not), the parent of the injured child should consult with a Child Injury Lawyer for advice and possible legal representation.

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