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Bronx Mother Faces Manslaughter Charges for Drunk Driving Death of 11 Year Old Girl (Leandra Rosado)

By Steven Smith, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Carmen Huertas, a mother from the Bronx, New York, appeared in court regarding manslaughter charges for the death of 11 year old – Leandra Rosado. In October 2009, it is alleged that Ms. Huertas drank heavily and then put seven children in a cr to take them to a slumber party. A subsequent crash caused the death of 11 year old Leandra Rosado. Parents and caregivers should avoid drinking and driving altogether. Having several drinks and then getting behind the wheel of a vehicle puts many people in danger especially innocent children. An adult can chose to risk her own safety and welfare by drinking alcohol, doing drugs, or otherwise engaging in dangerous activities or behavior. It is quite another thing to put your own children and other children at risk. Ms. Huertas will have the ability to defend herself from this criminal charges with a private attorney or public defender. Whatever the result on the criminal case – an innocent child is dead and would be alive today but for this fatal automobile accident. See Bronx Mother Faces Manslaughter Charges – DUI Automobile Accident Resulting in Death of 11 Year Old.

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