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Burlington Vermont Man (Manny Francis) Arrested for Cruelty and Abuse to Child

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network

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The Crittenden Unit for Special Investigations (Vermont) uncovered evidence of child abuse and neglect involving a 3 year old child. CUSI officials reported that Manny Francis inflicted serious physical abuse on the 3 year old. The abusive acts included strangulating and burning the child. The child was injured as a result of the incidents. While the injuries were not life threatening, the psychological injuries could last a lifetime.

The abuse of a child by such heinous acts are truly cowardice in nature. Hopefully, the criminal justice system will effectuate a punishment commensurate with the crimes committed against this child. You can read more about this story at Man Arrested for Abuse to Vermont Child – Strangulation and Burning of the Child.

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