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Butts County Georgia School Volunteer (Adrian Zakaluzny) Faces Charges of Molesting Fourth Grade Boy – Issues of Supervision, Background Check, and Other Bad Acts

By Stephanie F. Brown and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Adrian Zakaluzny, age 63, was a mentor at Butts County Elementary School. A fourth grade boy from the school informed the police that Mr. Zakaluzny took the boy to Zakaluzny’s home and molested the boy. Apparently, Mr. Zakaluzy volunteered at other area school and an investigation is under way to determine if there are other alleged victims of Mr. Zakaluzny. Authorities have advised parents to question their children who may have had contact with Zakaluzny in Clayton, Spalding, Butts, and Monroe county Georgia. Mr. Zakaluzny previously passed a criminal background check by one or more of the school systems. If Mr. Zakaluzny did in fact commit this crime as well as others, it appears that he volunteered to be a mentor to be closer to child victims and to gain their trust. There are many questions that arise in this matter since Mr. Zakaluzny worked in several school districts over many years:

Was a criminal check done every year for Mr. Zakaluzny?

As a foster parent, were there any complaints or investigations as to child abuse or neglect in the Zakaluzny home?

Were there any suspicious signs or incidents over the years that may have indicated that Mr. Zakaluzny was a child predator?

What kind of training or instruction was completed for mentors in the school system?

Have there been a problem with mentors in the past?

Did Mr. Zakaluzny have any children in the schools where he volunteered?

If parents have additional information regarding Adrian Zakaluzny or other mentors in the school system in Georgia, the parents should contact the police about their concerns.

You can read more about this story at the Atlanta Constitution Website at School Mentor in Georgia Accused of Molesting 4th Grade Student.

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