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Cell Phone Ban in Honolulu (Oahu) Hawaii Results in Numerous Traffic Citations

By Michael P. Healy, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Residents and tourists to Honolulu (Oahu), Hawaii need to be aware of the cell phone ban that is in place and being enforced by the Honolulu Police Department. Drivers can receive a traffic citation if they are holding an electronic device including cell / mobile phones, test messaging devices, PDA (personal digital assistant) devices, laptops, and digital cameras. At this time, the use or handling of GPS devices are permitted.

The purpose of this law is to decrease incidents of distracted driving. This is especially true for those drivers who insist on text messaging while driving. A driver should pay attention to the road not his Blackberry, mobile phone, or i phone. You can read more about Hawaii’s new law and enforcement at Cell Phone / Mobile Phone Ban Trips Up Thirty Six Drivers in Hawaii.

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