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C.H.A.D. (Children Have an IDentity) Stickers = Valuable Information for Rescue Workers and Medical Providers

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Children are transported every day on roads in New York, Pennsylvania, and other States. Two moms have a mission of getting the word out about C.H.A.D. (Children Have an IDentity) stickers which are “hot pink” stickers that can be placed on a baby seats, toddler seats, and even strollers for proper identification of children in case of an automobile accident or other medical problems by the driver or caregiver of the children in the vehicle. It is vital for children to be able to maintain their identity when transported to a hospital. The stickers also can contain vital information as to the child’s health status, medical condition, medications, and allergy information. By providing telephone numbers on the C.H.A.D. sticker, another parent, caregiver, or contact person can be telephoned for more information and to let that person know the status and location of the child. You can read more about the C.H.A.D. stickers at Assisting Kid’s Emergency Aid with Stickers.

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