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What if a Child is Injured by a Toy?  Important Safety Tips – Liability of Child Care Providers

Toys-on-Shelf-297x300When a child is enrolled in a school, day care center, summer camp or other program, it is important that the child be supervised in a safe environment.  While a typical toy does not at first glance appear to be a dangerous object, the wrong toy in the hands or within the reach of a child can lead to serious personal injuries and even the death of the child.

It is important for all child care providers be aware of the risks and dangers of toys.  Furthermore, the child care provider should be on alert and pay attention any time that a child is playing with a toy. Many personal injuries can be avoided with consistent supervision and common sense on the part of child care providers.

Toys Needs to be Age Appropriate.  Small children including those under the age of 5 years old tend to put small pieces or toys into their mouths.  This can present a significant choking hazard to a child.  If a toy has small pieces or is susceptible to being pulled apart into small pieces, there can be a choking hazard to a small child.

Toys Need to be Non-Toxic.  Many metal or painted toys tend to contain lead or have toxic materials as part of the construction or composition of the toys.  If a toy is extremely cheap, this could be an indication that the toy is poorly or cheaply constructed.

Toys with Button Batteries are Hazardous.  It is well documented and reported that the ingestion of small button battery can cause significant internal injuries to a child.  As such, toys powered with button batteries need to be secure and safe for use by small children.

Traditional Toys can be Hazardous.  Just because a toy has been in use and on the market for many years does not think a toy is safe.  For instance, trampolines have been available for years.  Trampolines are also dangerous when play is not properly supervised.  For instance, when a larger child and smaller child jump on the trampoline at the same time.  The smaller child is at risk for injury.

Helmets Prevent Head Injuries.  While this appears to be a simple statement, the fact remains that helmets do present head injuries.  It is amazing to see so many children in most communities on bicycles, skateboards, and scooters without a helmet.  A head injury can happen on short or long ride.  Furthermore, many such injuries take place in the driveway of the injured child.  Helmet usage should be a rule that should always be followed.

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