About Child Injury Lawyer Network

cilnThe Child Injury Lawyer Network is a group of independent lawyers and law firms drawn together with a mission of educating parents and other caregivers about child safety, rights, and laws throughout the United States. While all States are subject to the United States Constitution and Federal laws, it is usually the individual State laws, statutes, and rules that deal with most child injury related legal matters. The Child Injury Lawyer Network panel attorneys devote their time, efforts, resources, and experience to a wide variety of child injury matters. It is important for families, caregivers, and guardians to know and understand the respective legal rights in place for the injured child. A child injury lawyer can represent an injured child to make sure that the child’s rights are properly enforced in order to obtain compensation for past medical bills, future medical bills and pain and suffering. In various States, the rights and losses of the parent are also considered to be compensable depending on the type of injuries sustained by the child. In addition to representing children and families on child injury matters, the Child Injury Lawyer Network, as publisher of the Child Injury Lawyer Blog, hopes that the articles and information posted in the blog will help prevent or deter other injuries from taking place at all. The Child Injury Lawyer Network welcomes feedback and suggestions for articles and posts about child injury and child safety matters. The panel attorneys handle child injury matters . . . . because your child matters. The moderator / editor of the Child Injury Lawyer Blog is David Wolf, a child injury lawyer and advocate based in Jacksonville, Florida.

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