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What are the Legal Rights of a Child Pedestrian or Passenger Injured by Stunts on or with a Motor Vehicle?

By Will Brown, Attorney and David Alan Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Ohio and other States, children are, at times, injured as passengers in motor vehicles. In most accidents, the child is injured as a properly seated and restrained passenger in the vehicle. While in other accidents involving injuries, a child suffers personal injuries due to the lack of a seat belt and / or riding in or neat the vehicle as a stunt of sorts. For instance, some children have been injured while riding on the hood or trunk of vehicles. Others have been injured when towed by a vehicle while riding a skateboard, scooter, bicycle, or other wheeled device. Whether a child is injured by run of the mill automobile accident or one involving unsafe riding or stunts, a case or claim can be pursued by the parents of the injured child for the damages sustained as a result of the automobile accident, bicycle accident, and / or pedestrian accident.

In Chillicothe, Ohio, an 11 year old boy suffered serious personal injuries in the form of a head injury as a result of an automobile accident / passenger accident. The boy was riding on the trunk of the vehicle with another boy. You can read more about this incident at Boy Injured Arter Riding on Trunk of Vehicle.

Sitting or riding in a vehicle in anything but a standard and approved seat can be dangerous if the vehicle is moving. Whether the vehicle is moving fast or slow, there are dangers and risks of personal injuries when a child rides on the trunk of the vehicle, on the hood of the vehicle, or back of a pick up truck. It is the responsibility of the vehicle owner and driver to drive in a safe manner and to make sure that passengers are properly seated and belted. If there is a refusal on the part of a passenger to sit in the vehicle, the driver should refuse to drive the vehicle.

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