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Columbus, Ohio Unlicensed Day Care Provider Arrested on Criminal Charges of Assault and Child Endangerment

By Will Brown, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Columbus, Ohio, a day care provider was arrested following injuries to a 6 month old girl under the care of the day care provider. The child suffered internal and brain injuries that may be inconsistent with a fall or other accidental cause. Cases like this can be challenging. Many questions or issues arise including the following:

Were there any witnesses to an assault or other intentional act against the child?

What was the child’s condition when brought into the day care center?

Are there alternate medical causes or explanations for the serious personal injuries?

What was the background of the day care provider?

The day care provider did not have a license. Lacking a license does not mean that there was neglect; however, a parent should be wary about placing a child in an day care center that is required to be licensed and regulated chooses to break the rules. It may be more costly for a parent to place a child in a day care facility that has a license; however, safety should take precedence over price when leaving a child in a day care center. You can read more about this story at Columbus Ohio Day Care Provider Arrested for Child Endangerment and Assault.

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