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Dangers of Pellet Guns – 11 Year Old Waycross, Georgia Boy (Mitchell “D.J.: Maxwell, Jr.) Dies from Recent Pellet Gun Shootings – Legal Rights and Responsibilities

By Stephanie F. Brown, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Georgia and other States, children and teens play with pellet guns. Many children and parents for that matter do not realize that a pellet gun injury can actually be deadly. In Waycross, Georgia, 11 year old – Mitchell “D.J.” Maxwell, Jr. recently died from pellet gun related injuries. It was reported in the Florida Times Union that D.J. was at a friend’s sleep over party when the incident took place. Injuries and deaths like these raise many questions for the police to investigate. These issues can be taken into consideration as part of a criminal investigation by the police. These issues can also be considered by the family of the victim if a civil case is pursued for the death of the child.

What time did the incident take place?
Who was the owner of the gun?
What parental or adult supervision (if any) were in place at the time of the incident?
What safety precautions (if any) were in place prior to and at the time of the incident?
Who fired the gun?
Who witnessed the incident?

The death of this 11 year old boy is certainly tragic for the family, friends, and community. Hopefully, others will take notice of this incident and understand that pellet guns can be quite dangerous and deadly weapons.

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