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Dangers of School Bus Convoys – Three School Buses in a Crash in Connecticut

By Jeremy Vishno, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Three bus loads of middle school students in Litchfield, Connecticut were recently in a bus accident. The students were returning home from a field trip at White Memorial Conservation Park when a chain type of reaction crash took place. The last bus in the convoy failed to stop and crashed into the bus stopped in front of it. Nineteen students were treated for injuries but it does not appear that there are any serious personal injuries at this time. While traveling a convoy increased the visibility of the school buses, this mode of travel can also involve many of the students on multiple buses when an accident takes place. Parents were notified of the crash. While the crash was reported in various news papers and media outlets, the crash fortunately did not involve any deaths or tragedies to speak of. The crash does illustrate the importance of school driver safety, attention, and speed. Rear end automobile accidents, trucking accidents, and bus accidents typically result from inattention and excessive speed. It is especially important for school bus drivers to proceed with caution, care, and the utmost consideration of the health, safety, and welfare of the students on the bus. See Children Injured from Rear End Crash – 3 Buses Involved in Connecticut.

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