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Dangers to Children – Parked Cars and Traffic – 10 Year Old Allentown Pennsylvania Boy Hit by a Car

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Allentown, Pennsylvania and cities across the nation, there is a common danger to children: parked cars and traffic. When cars are parked on the side of a street, it may be difficult for a children to see oncoming traffic. In addition, drivers may not see children who walk between parked cars into a street. A 10 year old boy in Allentown, Pennsylvania was recently hit by a car as he walked between two parked cars. The boy was taken to and treated at Cedar Crest Hospital. He suffered a severe personal injury to his leg. Local police will conduct an investigation as to the cause and manner of the accident.

Incidents like this are valuable teaching tools for parents, caregivers, day care providers, and teachers to use when speaking to children about traffic and pedestrian safety. The incident can also serve as a teaching tool for drivers. Be careful out on the roads. You never know when a small child or adult for that matter will be crossing the street especially when parked cars line the roadway / street. You can view a video of the news report at the FOX News Philadelphia Website.

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