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Details Revealed as to Bodies of Children Found in Freezer – Maryland Mother Arrested and Faces Serious Criminal Charges

By Benjamin A. Klopman, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Some people should never been allowed to be parents. In Maryland, Renee Bowman is one such person. She is charged with abuse and murder of two girls were were killed and placed inside a freezer. More than 3 years old, police investigators believe that Ms. Bowman killed the two girls. Prior to killing the children, it appears that both children were victims of child abuse as well. The two girls died a very tragic death. Minnet Bowman (age 9 at death) and Jasmine Bowman (age 7 at death) deserved much better from Ms. Bowman. This is an understatement in that they were allegedly murdered by Ms. Bowman. Even after death, Ms. Bowman continued to accept public benefits for the children. Obviously, these funds did not go towards any care, food or services for the children. During the girls lifetimes, Ms. Bowman proved to be a horrible caregiver who frequently locked the girls in their room and made them toilet in a bucket. You can read more about these disturbing and tragic crimes at Maryland Mother Faces Criminal Charges for Abuse and Murders of Children.

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