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Driver Distraction: A Problem in Georgia and Natiowide

By Stephanie F. Brown, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Bob Dallas is the DIrector of State of Georgia – Governor’s Office of Highway Safety. Director Dallas recently wrote a letter / statement that was published at the Florida (Jacksonville) Times Union Website. Director Dallas pointed out that “Americans are driven to distraction.” There are a number of causes of driver distraction these days including misbehaving kids, billboards, mobile phones, text messages, radio, video, and many other causes. Among the many causes of driver’s distraction, texting may be the biggest and dangerous problem these days. Texting requires that the driver keep his or her eyes on the mobile device screen rather than the road. A very interesting or engaging text message can turn into a tragic and fatal automobile accident. Text messages can wait and should wait for a safe time to read and respond to the text message. You can read more about the comments of Director Dallas at Driver Distraction Dangers.

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