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Forest Lake, Minnesota – Lack of Physical Safety Barrier in Median of Busy Highway May Have Led to Deadly Crash

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Interstate 35 is a busy highway connecting the Twin Cities to northern points of Minnesota. Eric Sprouse, age 19, lost control of his pick-up truck and swerved into oncoming traffic while travelling northbound on Interstate 35. The driver and a young child in the other car were both killed and pronounced dead at the scene. Sprouse suffered life threatening injuries and was taken to a local trauma center by helicopter. His passenger also suffered injuries and was hospitalized.

State Patrolman Captain Matt Langer reportedly said that he believed the accident was preventable. The accident took place on a stretch of busy highway that has no safety barrier in the median.

Any time an accident like this occurs, there are many questions that need to be answered during the investigation:

*Was Sprouse a licensed driver?

*Was he travelling at the posted speed limit?

*Were there other vehicles that may have contributed to the accident?

*Were there any witnesses to the accident?

*What were the conditions of the road and the visibility on the day of the accident?

*Were the occupants of the vehicles wearing their safety belts?

*Was Sprouse’s vehicle operating properly, or could there have been a break down or malfunction?

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