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Four Year Old Boy (John-Paul Massey) Killed by Family Dog

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Four year old John-Paul Massey of Liverpool, England, was being watched by his grandmother, Helen Foulkes, while his mother was out on a date. Some time that evening he was mauled to death by the family’s pet Bull Terrier. Ms. Foulkes tried to pull the boy out of the dog’s jaws, but was unsuccessful. Ms. Foulkes suffered some bite marks. She was treated and released from the hospital. When police arrived they shot the animal on the spot. The attack took place at a house where police had been warned that illegal dog-breeding was taking place.

Merseyside Police have launched a full investigation into the child’s death, especially considering the failure of the police department dispatcher to pass on the message to officers about the suspected dog breeding at the residence. The operator reported that he felt it was not a police matter and so disregarded it. The operator’s actions were against police policy. Part of the investigation will also involve determining the dog’s exact breed, to see if the dog’s breed fell under the country’s Dangerous Dogs Act, which completely bans four breeds of dangerous dogs. It is also not clear at this point who owned the dog, although neighbors have said that it belonged to Ms. Foulkes’ son, Christian Foulkes, an active soldier. Neighbors also reported that the dog was vicious and that they were afraid of it.

The death of this child is a tragedy that the family and the community will not soon get over. The judgment of the mother and grandmother of this child should be called into question for allowing the child to stay in a home with a viscous dog. Read more about this deadly bull terrier attack at Police ‘were warned’ before family’s dog killed child.

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