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Goal of Arizona Proposed Law – Reduce Youth Concussions in Your Sports

By Sara J. Powell, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Due to the increasing awareness of youth-athelete concussions, Arizona lawmakers are set to consider a bill that aims to curb the problems presented by concussions in youth athletes. Senate Bill 1521 would impose new restrictions on youth athletes who sustain sports-related brain injuries. Specifically, SB1521 would require any youth who suffers a concussion, either in competition or practice, to be removed from the game or other competition immediately. Before the youth athlete would be able to return to play, he or she would need to be checked and cleared by a doctor or qualified health-care professional. A significant problem with youth concussions is that players are returned to the game before the concussion or other head injury has had adequate time to heal. When the youth is returned to play prematurely he or she becomes more susceptible to sustaining a second concussion or personal injury, which can lead to brain swelling or even death. Concussions can affect a youth’s sleeping and behavioral patters, as well as pose thinking and memory challenges. For more on the new law please see Arizona lawmakers set to decide on law that will impose restrictions on youth athletics and raise concussion-awareness.

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