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GPS Locators for Teens and Children – Keeping Track of Your Kids – Technology Is Not Just for James Bond 007

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Parents now have access to affordable technology to track their children with GPS. One such device called Zoombak is priced at $99.00 for the unit and $15.00 per month for the service. A parent or caregiver can track the movement of a child on foot, bicycle, or vehicle. GPS technology plots the movement of the child every five minutes through the zoombak website. A parent can also put parameters or geographic boundaries on movement. If the child goes beyond those boundaries, the parent is then sent an e mail or text message regarding the same. Zoombak is sold at Radio Shack and Target.

GPS technology can give parents peace of mind and also can make parents better detectives in watching over or following the movements of their children. You can see a video demonstration of the product at the Technology Site for the New York Times.

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