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Halloween Safety Tips – Don’t Let Your Child Get Tricked or Hurt this Halloween Season

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


With summer gone and fall festivals quickly uproaching, parents should get informed on how to keep their children safe during the season. Since Halloween is right around the corner, below are some safety tips for parents and their children to keep from getting tricked on Halloween.

1. When selecting neighborhoods to go trick-or-treating in, look at all the safety factors in the entire are. Children are safer in populated, well-lit neighborhoods.

2. Parents should ALWAYS walk with their children; no exceptions.

3. Homeowners should have the walkways up to their homes well lit. Try to light up your home with battery-operated-light-producing devices as opposed to using fire candles. Having your home well lit will also prevent children from tripping or falling, which children are extremely prone to doing.

4. Parents should also accompany their children to each home. If a home looks suspicious, avoid it and move on to the next.

5. Being visible is key. Cars and other people need to see your child while walking along the road. Making your child’s dark and scary costumes is one of the best ways to prevent personal injuries. Place reflective tap on your child’s costume so the chances of him or her being seen by a driver are increased in low-light or no-light situations. Children could also carry flashlights and/or glowsticks to eluminate themselves. However, make sure these lights are nonblinding. Also, teach children not to shine flashlights directly into cars.

6. Adults should set a good example for their children and wear reflective devices as well.

7. After returning home, it is important to check ALL the contents your child has received. Discard any opened or tampered with items. If your child has received an item that was not commercially packaged and you do not know the source discard it. This process will also allow parents to check for candies containing food allergies. To read more on this story please see Keep your children safe during this Halloween.

Parents should follow these tips to ensure their children have a safe and trick-free Halloween.

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