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Hawthorne, California – Day Care Owner Convicted of Lewd Acts on Two Girls at Day Care Center

By Scott A. Marks, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Hawthorne, California, a jury recently convicted an owner of a day care center of lewd acts on two young girls (ages 4 and 6). According to CBS News, Tito Ruiz was found guilty of the crimes. The criminal investigation and trial revealed allegations by two girls who reported that they were touched by Mr. Ruiz while at the day care center. All of the details of the trial were not reported. In cases of this nature, it would be important to know the following:

What kind of criminal background (if any) did Mr. Ruiz have prior to these reported incidents?

How many times did Mr. Ruiz inappropriately touch or molest the children?

What evidence was presented as to the crimes? Testimony of the children?
Photographs? Videotape? Medical examination? Forensic evidence?

Did Mr. Ruiz testify at trial?

Did any employees of the day care center testify at trial?

Day care center should be a haven of safety for children. Unfortunately and tragically, many day care centers are the sites of abuse, neglect and molestation for children who are unable to defend themselves against such predators.

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