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Hofstra (New York) University Students Arrested on Drug and Weapons Charges After Drug Heist in Dorm Room

By Steven Smith, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Parents pay for and send their children to school to get an education. Most parents do not send their children to school to deal drugs or to hold up other students at gun point in the dorm room. At Hofstra University, students were recently arrested for drug dealing and weapons charges. Students held up another student at gun point and stole drugs out of the victim’s room. This incident came to light when the “victim” reported the hold up to campus police. The victim was robbed at gun point by a realistic looking gun (a pellet gun). The student thieves took drugs, jewelry and cash and then escaped in a getaway car. The victim made a big mistake in reporting the crime as he was arrested for dealing pills, marijuana and cocaine out of his Hofstra University dorm room. Further investigation led to the arrest of the students using the pellet guns and their accomplices.

Parents, with children in college or about to send their children to college, should use this story as an educational took for their children. Don’t sell or deal drugs in school. Don’t use drugs. Don’t point pellet guns or rob other students. You can read more about this story at Hofstra University Students Arrested on Drug and Weapons Charges – Drug Dealing Student Held Up by Pellet Guns in Dorm Room.

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