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Holidays Missed – What It Means on Father’s Day After the Wrongful Death of a Child?

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Holidays are often a great time to get together for family celebrations. Many families take the opportunity of a holiday weekend to have a BBQ, picnic, or vacation. The celebration of a holiday like Father’s Day does not have to be elaborate but it should be and often is a day spent with family. A simple breakfast, lunch, or BBQ is all that is really needed in most instances to celebrate Father’s Day. Gifts do not have to be elaborate either . . . a simple card, shirt, tie, or drawing can help bring in the day to celebrate Father’s Day. While the celebration of having a dad or being a dad does not have to be limited to one day a year, Father’s Day provides a day in which families can slow down and celebrate being part of a family.

Unfortunately, Father’s Day can and is a painful holiday for many fathers and families. This is so when there has been an untimely and tragic death of a child. Father’s Day is just that more empty when the child is not there to celebrate the holiday with his or her father. Of course, the missing gifts mean nothing but the absence of the child means everything. There are no substitutes or cures for a Father when a child is absent from Father’s Day due to a wrongful death. While the death of a child is always difficult for a Father and family to deal with, the situation may be aggravated if the death was one that was preventable.

Father’s Day is just one day of 365 during the year in which the death of child affects a Father and the rest of the family. Holidays can be a great time of joy but for many families out there the holiday can be a day filled with loss and only the memories of a child rather than the actual laughs and smiles of the child.

When a child dies as a result of the negligent acts of others, a wrongful death case can be pursued by the parents. The measure or evaluation of damages depends on the laws for each State. Typically, a parent’s loss and pain / suffering are considered as elements of the damages. A missed holiday, birthday, and other events can certainly be part of the loss experienced by the parents.

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