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How Parents and Daycare Centers Can Help Prevent H1N1 Breakouts

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Millions of parents rely on daycare centers to look after their children. But with the looming H1N1 epidemic, daycare centers could become breeding grounds for the potentially deadly virus. I recently had the opportunity to share my legal viewpoint about the ramifications of H1N1 and daycare center liability with Time Magazine.

If a child contracts H1N1 at a daycare center due to negligence on the part of the daycare, the parent could sue; especially if the disease led to hospitalization, permanent injury, or death. To protect themselves and the children they are caring for, daycare owners and managers need to take an active approach to keeping kids with H1N1 symptoms away from the daycare center and following proper sanitation procedures in the center.

To protect their children, parents need to understand that not all licensed daycare centers are compliant with the terms of their license, and that church-based daycare centers may be exempt from state regulations. Parents can be proactive by checking into the background and cleanliness of the daycare center where they leave their children.

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