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Importance and Value of Mobile Phone Photos and Videos – Day Care Center Negligence and Neglect Incidents

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Nevada and other States, school children bring their cell phones / mobile phones / and smart phones to school. In addition to school children, even children enrolled in day care centers bring mobile phones into the school. While it may seem excessive to for a young child especially one in day care to have a mobile phone, at times, the availability and use of a mobile phone can be quite useful. In some instances, a mobile phone can even provide important evidence and documentation of abuse and neglect that takes place at a day care center or school. In Sparks, Nevada, a mobile phone video was key information / evidence that led to the arrest of a day care center owner / operator. It was reported by KOLO TV in Nevada that a cell phone video was e-mailed to the Washoe County Social Services. The video was recorded by a child enrolled in the day care center. According to the news story, the incident took place at the Creative Kids Day Care Center. It was reported that a day care center worker handled a child roughly. According to the day care center laws for Nevada, corporal punishment is prohibited. The day care center work stands accused of hitting a 3 year old child in the head and face. The day care center was eventually arrested over the incident. See Day Care Center Incident Caught on Mobile Phone – Sparks, Nevada.

Typically, evidence in the form of a video tape or mobile phone recording is not provided or available when a child is abused or neglected a day care center. A videotape in any given incident at a day care center can help prove the allegations or, in the alternative, help defend the day care center worker accused of abuse or neglect.

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