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Importance of Video Surveillance in Day Care Centers in Nevada and Other States

By Jonathan C. Reed, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Las Vegas, Nevada, CBS News Now 8 covered the important topic of video surveillance in day care centers and other safety measures in place at Las Vegas day care centers. The report was in response to an arrest of a day care worker on abuse charges. While the abuse charges / allegations from incidents did not take place at a day care center or to day care center students, the fact that a day care worker was arrested for child abuse related charges is quite unsettling. What assurance does a parent have that a child is safe in a day care center? What precautions are taken to protect a child in a day care center? Are criminal background checks completed for all employees of the day care center? While criminal background checks are required by Nevada State law, a person, who does not have a criminal record, will be permitted to work at a day care centers. Thousands if not millions of child predators in the United States do not have a criminal record because they have never been caught.

When an incident takes place at a day care center, video surveillance can be key to determining the cause of the injury as well as the preventability of an injury. The video news report posted on the CBS News Now 8 website shows a day care center with multiple monitors that video various parts of the day care center. The representative of the day care center noted that a parent can access the videos and rewind the videos to see the day in progress including but not limited to any incidents that took place at the day care center. The video surveillance can help identify dangerous employees, aggressive children, and unsafe conditions at a day care center that cause personal injuries to the children at the day care center. See Parents React to Day Care Worker’s Arrest.

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