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Important Instructional Video that Parents, Teachers, and Day Care Workers Should Watch – Saving Baby’s Life When Every Second Counts

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Geraldine Hickey has put her nursing and midwifery experience to good use. She formed a company called Baby Zone and Beyond which puts on seminars and distributes videos / DVDs on important child health topics like choking and CPR. This seminar or video can help train parents, day care workers, teachers, and other caregivers techniques to deal with emergency situations that can and do save lives and serious personal injuries to children. CPR techniques are much different for a child due to the size, development and anatomy of a child. Geraldine Hickey has a mission of getting this valuable information out to save and protect children. I recommend that you review her website and products for the health, safety and welfare of your child. The website is called babyzoneandbeyond. The company is based in New Jersey.

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