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Important Safety Advice for Parents – Safe Halloween Costumes

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Halloween is just right around the corner. Although this holiday is a time for fun, it is also a time for injuries. Halloween means lots of children will be walking on streets and roads. Luckily, Halloween falls on a Sunday this year so there will not be a heavy afternoon commute, but there will still be cars on the roads. It is very important that children wear costumes that drivers will be able to see. Costumes should also not inhibit a child’s sight.

Parents should put reflective tape on their child’s costume or trick-or-treat back to ensure their child will be seen. Another good tool to use is a flashlight, use one flashlight per child. Also, make sure a costume fits your child; the costume should fit snuggly and be short enough so your child will not trip. Children should also wear their own shoes – falls are the number one reason children go to the emergency room on Halloween. Masks inhibit a child’s sight, one way to avoid this issue is to replace masks with kid-friendly makeup – use a non-toxic Halloween makeup kit. Accessories to costumes also present safety hazards for children, especially swords. The most preferable types of accessories are those that are short, robbery and flexible. Parents should accompany their children, especially if the child is under 10-years-old. If you would like to read more on this topic please see >Safety tips for parents and children this Halloween.

The two main things parents should focus on this Halloween are make sure their child can see and be seen. Children will be walking along neighborhoods streets and busy roadways. Therefore, sight is an extremely important factor regarding your child’s safety. Parents should ensure their child’s costume are visible to cars and that their child’s sight is not inhibited by masks or loose head ornaments.

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