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Jackson County, Mississippi Man (Arnold Clark) Arrested for Child Molestation

By Jay Foster, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


The Jackson County, Mississippi Sheriff’s Office arrested Arnold Clark on charges of molestation and touching a child for lustful purposes. The arrest of Mr. Clark in the Mississippi Sun Herald contained few details of the incident or allegations. Mr. Clark is entitled to an attorney and is innocent until proven guilty. What we do not know at this point in time is the evidence gathered or obtained against Mr. Clark or his criminal history.

Many child predators and sex offenders go undetected for years or even a lifetime. Typically, a child predator who is caught, arrested, and guilty of the crimes has committed these heinous acts against children in the past.

Parents and caregivers in Mississippi and other States need to have a watchful eye for any adults that come in contact with their children or who have access to their children. All of us in Mississippi need to ensure we protect our children from predators.

There are several ways to protect our children from predators. One way is to make sure your school conducts background checks on teachers and other employees. There are many articles, books, and websites including the Child Injury Lawyer Blog that post articles and safety tips about this topic. Educate yourself and take the best action that you can to protect your children and others from child predators and sex offenders.

You can read more about the alleged crimes of Arnold Clark at Man Arrested for Molestation / Touching of Child in Jackson County, Mississippi.

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