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K 9 Dog in North Carolina Put on Leave Following Dog Bite Incident Involving Kindergarten Student

By John Jensen, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


An 8-year-old child was bit on the left ear and neck by a police dog after a North Carolina elementary school demonstration. The canine, Baks, was with his handler, Officer B. Hodgson, at Koontz Elementary School when the incident happened. Children were allowed to pet Baks after Hodgson and Baks completed the demonstration. Children approached and petted the dog, which was held by Hodgson on a short leash. When the last child approached the canine, the dog turned and bit the child.

Officer Hodgson was able to quicky restrain the dog and place it in his patrol unit. The child sustained injuries to his left ear, a laceration to the right side of his neck and was quickly transported to Rowan Regional Medical Center. The child’s name was not released. Salisbury police cheif, Rory Collins, said the dog has been taken out of service until it can be evaluated. All future K-9 demonstrations have been canceled until the procedural aspects of the program are reviewed for any necessary changes. If you would like to read more on this story please see North Carolina elementary student bit by police dog after a school demonstration.

This incident is very unfortunate for all the parties involved. Although dogs are generally domesticated animals they still have dangerous propensities. Even when dogs are restrained, there remains a chance that they can still bite or otherwise attack people or other animals. Therefore, it is imperative that dog owners keep their dogs under direct control and leashed at all times while around other people or animals. Dog owners should also watch for signs of agitation or irritation in their dogs as these are usually precursors dog bites.

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