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Kansas City, Kansas – Daycare Shut Down After Owner Closes Child into a Room, Still in Her Car Seat

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network

Little Friends Daycare, in Johnson County, Kansas is a registered but not licensed day care facility. In Kansas, registered daycares are not inspected by the health department unless there is a complaint. A complaint was lodged recently that the center was taking care of six infants at one time; the daycare is only allowed to care for up to three children under the age of eighteen months.

When inspectors arrived at the daycare facility, they were alarmed to find an infant closed into a back room, still in her car seat and completely covered by three blankets. The owner of the daycare, Lynde Ann Price claims that the child’s parents asked her to keep the child in the car seat because she had bronchitis and they wanted her in an upright position.

But according to inspectors, Ms. Price also told them that she had forgotten the child was in the back room. They also found other infants in rooms with the doors closed, which is a violation of state child care regulations. Ms. Price reportedly said that she was overwhelmed by having too many children to take care of, but believes she was giving them good care.

The daycare has been temporarily closed, and Ms. Price will have to appear before state officials before she is allowed to reopen. Read more about this Kansas City Daycare at Inspectors Shut Down JoCo Day Care, Claim Owner ‘Forgot’ About Infant.

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