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What Kind of Supervision Should Be Provided to Infants at Day Care Centers?

ByChild Care Note As Reminder For Kids Daycare David Wolf, Attorney and Robert Fernicola, Attorney

Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network

In New Jersey and other States, parents rely on day care centers to provide care and supervision of their infants.  In most instances, work  schedules put parents in a position of needing day care for their infants.  What kind of supervision should be provided to infants at day care centers?  The laws and regulations vary from State to State.  As such, it is important to look to the respective State’s day care center regulations to determine what is required as to staff to child ratios, training, supervision, facilities, licensures, and other requirements.  Infants require a higher level of supervision and attention while enrolled in a day care center.  Infants are especially at risks for choking, respiratory difficulties, SIDS (Suddent Infant Death Syndrome), and other complicatons.  Because of this, infants should not be left attended or under the watch of a baby monitor or other electronic device.  When a child has a respiratory or other problem at a day care center, it is important for the trained day care staff to spring into action.  Otherwise, the infant at the day care center is at risk for serious personal injuries and, in some tragic instances, an untimely death.   In Highland Park, New Jersey, it was reported by the Associated Press (AP) that a day care center worker was charged with one count of child endangerment for levaing a child unattended which was determined to be a contributing factor of the death of the infant.  The autopsy did not necessarily pin point the cause of death.  You can read more about this tragic story at Day Care Center Worker Charges in Infant’s Death in Highland Park, New Jersey.

Day care center workers should provide direct and constant supervision for infants in a day care center even and especially at nap time or sleep time.  An infant is at risk for respiratory issues, suffocation, SIDS, and other dangers during nap or sleep time.  A simple pillow or stuffed animal can be extremely dangerous to a sleeping infant.  It is important that day care center workers are trained on proper supervision techniques for infants at all times including sleeping and napping times.

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When a child suffers an injury or dies at a day care center, it is important for parents to seek out legal advice to determine what causes of action (if any) can be pursued on behalf of the injured child.   A Child Injury Lawyer can answer questions and provide the parents guidance on these matters.

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