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Maryland Day Care / Child Care Centers – What Are the Staff Ratio Requirements for Maryland Child Care Centers?

By Benjamin A. Klopman, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Maryland child care centers, it is vital that the child care center have adequate and appropriate staffing in place to properly supervise the children in the facility. Like other States, Maryland has staff ration requirements set for in the child care / day care regulations. Pursuant to Title 13 A State Board of Education – Child Care Centers – Group Size and Staffing – Regulation 13A.16.08.03, a child care center must maintain the following staff to child ratios:

Children Ages Staff to Child Ratio Requirement
Infants 1 Staff Member for Every 3 Children
Toddlers 1 Staff Member for Every 3 Children
2 Years Old 1 Staff Member for Every 6 Children
3 or 4 Years Old 1 Staff Member for Every 10 Children
5 Years Old and Older 1 Staff Member for Every 15 Children

The above ratios may be affected by groups of different aged children. There are limits of what groups can be mixed and the number of children in each group. You can read about the various combinations of ages and groups allowed by reviewing the Group Size and Staffing Regulation.

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