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Medical Care For a Child Injury – Urgent Care, Emergency Room or Pediatrician

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Las Vegas, Nevada and other cities, urgent care centers have opened as an alterative to traditional emergency rooms. Urgent care centers may be a good alternative to a local emergency room depending in the injury or condition involved, the needs of the patient, and the experience / skills of the staff at the urgent care center. Children should not be viewed as little adults or smaller adults because the medical needs of children can be much different than the medical needs of adults. Because of this, some medical providers advise parents to have a child seen by a pediatric doctor (when possible and available) following a child injury or for evaluation of a child illness. In Las Vegas, Nevada, the Las Vegas Sun reported that a pediatric urgent care center is serving the need of children in the area in need of its services. See All-Night Pediatric Clinic Offers Parents Alternative to the Emergency Room.

It is helpful for parents to have resources and alternatives when getting care for a sick or injured child. In most cases, the services of a pediatric urgent care center will be adequate; however, if there is a head injury or concern about a significant injury that may require immediate surgical intervention – go to an emergency room. It may be helpful to call the local urgent care center or emergency room ahead for some guidance on the matter. The pediatrician should also be used as a resource for child injuries or illnesses. Some pediatricians have a strong preference for follow up at a certain facility or by a certain doctor. The focus should be on the best interest and welfare of the child over all other concerns including costs, convenience, and timing.

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