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Medical Study of Injuries at Atlanta Georgia Day Care Centers

By Stephanie Brown and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Investigators which included pediatric experts conducted an extensive study into the cause of injuries in Atlanta day care centers. While the study was conducted in 1988, its findings are still pertinent today in that the hazardous or dangerous areas in day care centers identified still persist today. These hazardous or dangerous areas that caused injuries to children in Atlanta Georgia day care centers including the following:

*Rock, concrete, stone or stump located in the fall zone on ground or in playground;
*sharp protrusion leading to lacerations, cuts and other injuries;
*blunt protrusions on playground equipment;
*trill and fall hazards;
*loose and broken parts to playground equipment;
*hard swing sets
*trip over hazards; and
*inadequate clearance leading to head injuries and other injuries.

Statistically the study found that 47 % of the injuries that took place at day care centers took place on the playground. This statistic should motivate day care centers in Atlanta Georgia and the rest of the nation to carefully plan, supervise, monitor, and maintain the playground area of the day care center. Better planning, maintenance, and supervision can help reduce the incidence and severity of child injuries at day care center playground areas. You can read the study of Atlanta day care centers at Playground Hazards in Atlanta Day Care Centers.

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