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Nebraska Day Care Centers / Child Care Centers – What Staff to Child Ratios Apply?

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Nebraska day care centers adequate staffing is vital to the safety and educational needs of the children. In other words, it is important to have a sufficient number of child care workers in place to make sure that the individual needs of each child is met throughout the day. The State of Nebraska has instituted staff to child ratio standards for day care centers under the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Service – Title 391 Nebraska Administrative Code- Child Care Licensing – Chapter 8 – Child Care Centers.

Section 8-009.01 requires Nebraska child care centers to be staffed as follows:

6 weeks old to 18 months old—–1 Staff Member—– 4 Children

18 months old to 3 years old——1 Staff Member—–6 Children

3 years old——————– 1 Staff Member—-10 Children

4 and 5 years old————— 1 Staff Member—-12 Children

Kindergarten and older———–1 Staff Member—-15 Children

The owner, administrator and licensee should make sure that the day care center never exceeds the licensing capacity and complies with these staff to children ratios. Overcrowded and understaffed facilities frequently result in serious child personal injuries that could have otherwise been avoided with compliance with these standards. If a child has been injured due to improper staffing or other day care negligence, a Nebraska child injury attorney / lawyer can help advise parents and caregivers about the applicable laws, insurance, compensation, and other matters.

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