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Oklahoma and Train Accidents – Dangers to Riders, Pedestrians, Drivers, and Children

By Roy S. Dickinson, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


The State of Oklahoma recorded 832 train related personal injuries during the years from 2000 to 20007. Tulsa County, Oklahoma led all Oklahoma counties with 14 personal injuries per year. Most injuries (including those to children) are minor which include bruises and sprains. However, some injuries were devastating and even resulted in deaths of adults and children. Some injuries involved crushing type of injuries and there were 17 reported amputation type of injuries. Almost 150 railroad related deaths occurred in Oklahoma alone during this time period.

Over 60 percent of Oklahoma’s train-vehicle accidents took place at crossings where there no gates or flashing lights. Safety experts argue that fatalities and injuries can be significantly reduced with better markings, lighting and technology. Of course, the railroad industry argues that the cause of many injuries and death were attributed to negligence and carelessness of the automobile drivers. You can read more about Railroad / Train Related Deaths and Injuries at Tulsa County Oklahoma – Leader in Train Derailments in Injuries.

Federal, state and local Oklahoma officials typically investigate most incidents of serious injury and death. In many cases it is helpful to have the advice and guidance of an experienced Oklahoma personal injury attorney who work with private investigators, engineers, and safety experts. A train / railroad related serious injury or death can be quite devastating to the victims and their families. It is unfortunate when these type of injuries and deaths take place when safety measures, due care, and attention could have avoided the incident.

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