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Paducah, Kentucky Day Care Owner Faces Criminal Charges After Child Located in Day Care Center Van

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Taneshea Young, former owner of a Paducah child care center, has been scheduled for trials in state and federal court. During a hearing in McCracken District court, Young’s attorney asked that his client’s abuse case be tried after the September 13 federal trial. The motion was granted by judge Tony Kitchen, the state abuse trial is set for September 24. In state court, Young will defend against a third-degree abuse charge. The charges were filed against Young after employees of an automobile dealership found a 3-year-old sleeping in a Children’s Creative Learning Center van, which was brought in for service. The federal trial involves charges of mail fraud. To read more on this story see Former daycare owner scheduled for trial in state and federal court.

The dangers of leaving a child in a vehicle are tantamount, the child can suffer from a heat stroke (hyperthermia) resulting in permanent disability or death. Daycare providers have a critical responsibility to care for the children in their custody. Daycare centers should be safe havens for children, because parents have entrusted the center to care for their children. State legislatures are creating new laws to make is more difficult for a daycare center to obtain a license. The new laws also create stricter screening procedures for the prospective daycare workers. To read more about the stricter screening procedures see Michigan Governor Signs Day Care Laws – Stricter Reporting Requirements Should Provide Parents with Better Information About Michigan Day Care Centers. To read more on the dangers of hyperthermia see Hot Temperatures and Cars – Be Aware of the Dangers to Children.

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