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Playground Injury Death in Muskego, Wisconsin

By Jonathan Safran, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Evan Coubal, a 6th-grader of Muskego, Wisconsin tragically died from a head injury he sustained after falling off playground equipment. Evan was an athletic boy and had recently sustained a concussion during a youth football game about a week prior to the playground incident. Although Evan took time off from playing football after sustaining the concussion, he was playing around the school’s football sleds during recess. Evan accidentally hit his head on one of the sleds and was immediately rushed to a hospital. He died two days after the accident. If you would like to read more on this story please see 6th grade boy dies from head trauma after injuring himself on playground equipment.

Evan’s death is a tragedy for his family and his community. Concussions happen all too often to young athletes. However, parents, coaches and teaches seem to be ill-informed on how dangerous a concussion can be, especially for children. Doctors say that concussions present more dangers and risk to children than adults. Specifically, youths are more likely to sustain concussions, have a longer recovery period and are at a greater risk of suffering brain damage. If you would like to read more information regarding children and concussions please see Parents Lack Important Knowledge and Experience Regarding Dangers of Concussions to Children. This is not to accuse Evan’s parents, coaches or teachers of being ill-informed, but to increase awareness that if a child has sustained a concussion he or she needs to be very careful and perhaps avoid engaging in physically-demanding activities until he or she has received clearance from a doctor.

If you would like to read more information on Playground Safety please see Playgrounds Are Great Fun For Children . . . Especially When Playgrounds Are Safe.

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