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Question: Why is it Important for Day Care Center Facilities to Follow State and Local Regulations? Answer: Child Safety.

By Michael P. Healy, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Hawaii and other States, day care centers are licensed by the State and have a duty to comply with State and local regulations as they pertain to the operation and maintenance of the day care center. Many such regulations have a direct impact on the safety of the children being cared for in the day care center. When a child is injured at a day care center, the incident, in many cases, results from a failure to follow day care center regulations or otherwise provide adequate and appropriate child supervision. Many day care center operators do not even bother with the requirements to obtain a license. Some get a license but only follow the applicable day care center rules and regulations when there is an inspection and / or deficiency cited by the State governing agency. When a child is enrolled in a day care center, parents should be proactive in asking questions and obtaining information as to the licensing and inspections of the day care center. If the day care center fails to provide such information or is resistant to give such information, that could be a warning sign for parents with children enrolled in the day care center program. Parents can also request public documents and information directly from the State regulatory agency.

In the State of Hawaii, the DHS (Department of Human Services) is the government agency that licenses and inspects day care center. You can find important information and news developments at the DHS Website – Child Care Program.

It was recently reported that a day care center had its license suspended by the State of Hawaii Department of Human Services. It was reported that the Kids Play Corner was cited with repeated noncompliance of the Hawaii Day Care Center Licensing Requirements. You can read more about this story at DHS Shuts Down Kona (Hawaii) Day Care Center.

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