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Retired Alabama Police Officer (Issac “Andy” Baker) Indicted for Sexual Abuse / Sodomy of Child in Day Care Center

By Scott Soutullo, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Tuscaloosa, Alabama, FOX News and other media outlets reported a very disturbing story, as follows: Issac “Andy” Baker served the citizens of Alabama for 25 years as a patrol officer between 1975 and 2000. Mr. Baker’s wife ran an in home day care center. A young girl stated that Mr. Baker sodomized her at the in home day care center. As a result of the young girl’s allegations, a grand jury recently handed down an indictment of Mr. Baker. If the allegations are true, then this case is quite distrubing. Apparently, the grand jury took the allegations seriously enough to hand down the indictment.

Of course, Mr. Baker will be entitled to a criminal defense attorney on this matter. While FOX News and others reported the indictment, details of evidence were not reported. As such, it would be interesting to know the following:

*When did the girl report the abuse?

*Is there any forensic evidence that supports the allegations?

*Were any statements made by Mr. Baker, his wife, or other potential witnesses?

*Have there been allegations in the past?

*Was a medical examination performed on the child?

*If so, what did the medical examination reveal?

*What evidence / testimony was presented to the grand jury?

This case is disturbing in that parents these days may not be able to even trust that a former officer is a safe person to be around children. Criminal background checks help screen out dangerous people with a criminal history of violence or crimes against children; however, if the dangerous person has never been caught – then the criminal background check will be clear. The bottom line is that parents can never be too careful with their children’s safety. You can read more about the indictment of Mr. Baker at Former Alabama Police Officer Indicted for Sodomy Charges against Child in Day Care Center.

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