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Safeguarding of Guns from Children and Unstable Adults – What Should be Done to Protect Our Children?

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In the aftermath of the Sandy Brook – Newton Connecticut shooting, there is a renewed debate and discussion about gun safety and gun control in Connecticut and the rest of the United States. It has been reported that one of the weapons used in the killing of 20 school children was a semi-automatic weapon. Initial reports indicate that the gun was properly owned and registered by the shooter’s mother who had an interest / hobby in target shooting and other activities. While it appears that it was legal and proper under the existing laws for the mother to own these guns including the semi-automatic weapon, investigators into the Sandy Brook – Newtown shooting plan on researching the guns at issue all the way back to the manufacturer then down to the wholesaler / distributor to the retailer to finally the consumer. The terrible tragedy in Newtown was neither expected and there is a debate as to whether it could have been avoided. Tragically, when an unstable person decides to wreak havoc and death upon the lives of innocent people including children – it is quite a challenge or burden to show what actions if any could have prevented the incident.

Gun owners have a right of gun ownership. With this right also comes the responsibility to safeguard the gun from the use of children and others who are neither trained nor stable enough to responsibly handle or use a gun. There are far too many incidents in which a child or unstable adult gains access or use of another person’s firearm. If you visit most Sporting Good and gun stores, you will see safes and lockers for sale. Prudent and responsible gun owners should safeguard all firearms in the home or at the place of work. While a safe or lock box would not prevent all incidents of the misappropriation or use of a gun, it is a good and recommended safety measure to lock up all guns during times that the guns are not in use or being cleaned or maintained.
Another good safety measure would be the taking of gun safety classes and the reading of gun safety articles and books.

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