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Dangers of Fights at or Near Schools – Safety and Liability for Personal Injuries – California Girl Dies Following Fight with Classmate

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In California and other States, school yard fights are still waged out there. The participants coul be from any grade and include boys and / or girls. It is interesting that some fights or brawls in o near schools are well known to many children during the day and prior to the fight. Unfortunately, in many instances, nobody steps forward to report the planned fight to school officials. Furtheremore, when the fight starts, many students prevent others from breaking up and / or ending the fight. A tragic death was recently reported in Long Beach, California. It was reported that a 10 year old girl – Joanna Ramos – died from a head injury that she sustained in a fight with a classmate who was 11 years old. Joanna suffered a blood clot as a result of the fight which in turn caused her death. It is most unfortunate that the death occured and that medical care was not provided in a timely manner. See Death of California Girl After Fight Ruled a Homicide.

When a child suffers a personal injury at a school or day care center, there are often many questions and concerns by the parent. Issues that arise in these situations include the following:

Where did the fight or incident take place?

Were there staff members in the area? Should there have been staff members in the area?

Is there a better way to supervise the children between the school and after school program?

Is there a way to encourage students to report that a fight is going to take place?

What protocols should be followed as to medical care or evaluation at the school following a fight?

Was there anything that could have been done to prevent the fight from taking place?

Unfortunately, fights happen at or near schools. Children do not realize that a simple school yard fight can lead to serious personal injuries and even the death of a classmate.

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