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Soccer Bully or Soccer Competitor – Elizabeth Lambert? You Decide!

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


On news stations, You Tube, and other media outlets, a video of Elizabeth Lambert has hit the airwaves in a big way. Elizabeth Lambert is a college soccer player for the New Mexico Lobos. In a game versus BYU, Elizabeth was filmed pushing, punching, and then dragging another player down by the other player’s hair. The action is rough. Some say that Elizabeth Lambert is a soccer bully . . . others may refer to her as a tough competitor. The videos do show that women’s soccer is a competitive tough sport. It should be noted that on some plays other plays are pushing, punching, and grabbing Elizabeth’s shorts. While she may have been provoked at times, Elizabeth Lambert seemed to retaliate with greater force. You can make the call by watching the various videos online of Elizabeth’s play. You can view one such video at Elizabeth Lambert – Soccer Player.

Parents of young children playing soccer certainly should not use these videos as examples of play, sportsmanship or technique. Serious personal injuries can result from such play and conduct.

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