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South Carolina Day Care / Child Care Centers – Reporting Requirements as to Injuries, Deaths, and Other Incidents

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


South Carolina day care / child care centers are regulated by the South Carolina Department of Social Services – Child Care Services. Pursuant to Regulation 114-502 – Procedures – Reporting of Incidents, the child care center has a duty to immediately report the following incidents to parents, guardians, or caregivers of a child enrolled in the child care center:

* accidents or injuries that required professional medical attention; and
* child and staff contraction of communicable diseases that the Department of Health, by its regulations, requires to be reported;

The child care facility must also inform the Department of Social Services in writing within 48 hours of the above events. In addition, the child care center has a duty to immediately report to the Department the following:

death of a child or staff member that occurs or takes place on premises
* a child who is missing from the child care center;
* a child who is left unattended in a vehicle operated by the child care center
* incidents in which the police or Fire Rescue were called to the child care center;
* reports of child abuse; and
* criminal convictions of the owner and / or other staff members of the child care center.

The Department of Social Services – Child Care Centers has some reporting problems for other types of incidents as well. You can read the regulation to review all of the reporting requirements for the child care center.

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