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Sports Injuries and Children – Tips to Keep Your Children Safe

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Participating in youth sports is a great way for children to learn sportsmanship and the importance of exercise. However, it must be noted that dangers and risk of injury will always be present if your child does decide to participate in athletic sports.

Here are some precautionary measures to minimize injury risks to your children and better protect them:

1. Use the appropriate equipment for the sport.

Get the proper equipment and make sure any athletic gear fits appropriately. Proper equipment for each sport will usually bear a seal of approval by the respective organizations in charge of the sport. It is also important that you take good care of any sports equipment, this will ensure the equipment’s effectiveness and increase the safety for your child.

2. Check the play area.
Inspect the area where your child intends on playing. You should check for cracks, protrusions, ruts, holes, pebbles/sticks/rocks or other obstacles that can cause you child to trip, fall or sustain another type of injury.

3. An adult should always supervise the sport.

A qualified adult should always supervise the sport being played. Make sure your child joins a team whose safety precautions coincide with your own. Make sure your child’s coach is experienced and has a significant knowledge in first aid.

4. Make sure your kid is ready to play.

Your child should be matched with the sport he is physically capable of playing. Your child should also know the mechanics of the sport before he or she steps out onto the field ready to play. Warming-up is an important process in participating in sports, it decreases the chance of pulling a muscle or sustaining other injuries.

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