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State of New Hampshire Investigates Country Kids Childcare Center

By Kevin Leach, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Weare Day Care Center, located in New Hampshire, is being investigated after reports of the owner belittling the children, using physical force against them, and swearing in front of them. Prior to this investigation, Country Kids Childcare was shut down following a visit from New Hampshire government inspectors. The State of New Hampshire was investigating a complaint that children were being mistreated, while also conducting a routine licensing renewal.

Under the state law of New Hampshire, childcare personnel are prohibited corporal punishment or yell at children. State officials report that they received a complaint that the owner, Lynn Crevoiserat, placed a child in a headlock and “dragged the child across the room to a timeout area while angrily yelling and screaming at the child.”

Following the complaint, investigators interviewed four staff members and three children. A five-year-old said she had seen Crevoiserat grab as many as three children by their arms and hands very tightly. An employee also said, with tears in her eyes, that she had seen red marks on the children in the areas where the owner had grabbed them. She also said she heard Crevoiserat use profanity in front of the children, specifically saying, “I’m so (expletive) mad at you right now, you don’t even (expletive) know.” Other children also told investigators about extended timeouts, some as long as 20 minutes.

Day care providers have a responsibility to supervise and monitor children in a supportive child care environment . Abuse, even in its lightest form, is intolerable. If other employees witness abuse of any kind, they have a duty to report it. Parents should continually ask their children about their days at childcare. In addition, they should keep a keen eye on the people who look after their children, looking for any signs of mistreatment or abuse.

For more information, see State Investigates Complaints At Weare Day Care: Owner Accused Of Using Force, Profanity.

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