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Students Post Schoolyard Fights and Brawls Online – Students Suffer Personal Injuries

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Schoolyard fights and brawls have been around since there have been schoolyards. Technology and the Internet are increasingly being used to video / document schoolyard fights. Many children think it is cool to see their fight online and to show the world online their fight skills and the harm done to other children. Websites including You Tube show hits or the popularity of the video clip which encourages some children to fight and post more. A website dedicated to children safety called notes that schoolyard fights posted online and on You Tube are a problem.

You Tube has a procedure for tagging videos involving schoolyard brawls or violent acts. Eventually, You Tube may pull the video. The problem is that You Tube accepts so much content that it is difficult to weed out or pull all violent videos / schoolyard fights of this nature.

Some students post videos of fights at schools or other identifiable locations. This, in turn, can help school and law enforcement officials identify the bullying teens and prosecute them.

Schoolyard fights are well beyond kids fun and mischief. These fights cause both physical and emotional injuries to children. You can read more about this story at Schoolyard Fights and Bullying Causes Personal Injuries to Children.

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